Our Mission

Help children reach their full potential

Help sheltered animals reach their forever homes

We're all connected.
When we Open A Dor for another, our real power is within reach.

We're all connected. When we Open A Dor for another, our real power is within reach.

Reaching Children

There are a thousand ways to make a difference in someone else’s day. At Loodor, we’re leading by example. In 2021, Loodor will donate advanced gift edition copies of The Land of the Pines to children’s organizations and hospitals. We will then work with future corporate partners to continue this movement in helping kids discover the power of their voice through impactful content and unique experiences.

Reaching Animals

The Land of the Pines is the first book in the Loodor Tales series, set for release in August 2021. Loodor products will contribute to donations made through the Nilsson Open A Dor Foundation, which supports organizations that work to place sheltered animals in forever homes. Loodor will collaborate with corporate partners to fulfill our mission to provide a voice and home to our furry friends.

What's in a Name?

Loo” represents the individual. There is an old card game called the Loo, where players gamble to win a trick. Like Loo, we all start with the cards we're dealt. Life is a game of choices and lessons. We gamble on the path we choose to take, which is often curved by the loop of consequence. It is through this journey that we discover our inner strength. This strength is the trick to attaining our authentic voice and becoming our best selves.

The “dor” is symbolic of our universal connection to one another. We can shape another person's day with a simple smile, compliment or gesture. You never know the impact you will make in someone's life through basic kindness. We hope to instill this mindset and encourage readers to live life with intention. Through empathy and grace, we achieve collective success.

Parents often say it takes a village. We couldn't agree more.

Loodor recognizes our responsibility to readers. We are intentional about the lessons we weave into storylines, and we understand that we are planting seeds for dialogue. We strive to encourage a younger generation to believe in themselves, as well as the power they have in making a difference for another. We hope to become a tool in life's curriculum to develop character.