A magical debut about the journey to discover one’s identity.

When Grey the Kitten is born at Black Mountain Farm, Miss Jay the Bird is promptly assigned as her guardian. Some animals find it strange that a bird would be assigned to oversee the success of a barn kitten. Some animals… but not Miss Jay. Miss Jay knows that this kitten is different. This kitten will change not just their lives, but the lives of many animals to come. After all, this kitten has a magical voice. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Grey does know she’s meant to be more than a barn cat, but she isn’t the only one with ideas about her future. The Black Widow and her Harrowing Hourglass have big plans for the farm, and Grey could be the key to stopping them from controlling the whole mountain―and all the animals who reside there. When the Widow traps Grey in a web of deceit, will this special kitten give up control over her destiny? Or will she become an example of what’s possible when you have the courage to forge your own path?

Filled with unpredictable twists and turns, The Land of the Pines is a must-read story of friendship and fortitude, connecting audiences of all ages to the power of intention and the journey of discovering one’s identity.

A portion of sales from the Loodor Tales Series, featuring The Land of the Pines and The Land of the Strays, benefits the Medical Fund at Operation Kindness, celebrating over 45 years of saving homeless pets.

The Land of the Pines book cover
The Land of the Pines book cover


The Land of the Pines introduces identity as a central theme. Grey the Kitten is on a journey to discover “hoo” she is and how she fits into the farm community. But first, she must battle the Black Widow and her Harrowing Hourglass, which symbolizes ego and overshadows other animals. When Grey embarks on a mission to find her own voice, she learns that her power appears when she uses her voice to speak up for herself and others in need.

The first in the Loodor Tales Series, this fantasy tale addresses complex topics including ego and mind chatter to spotlight the effects of imposter syndrome and the gift of empathy.


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“Ends with the perfect setup for the sequel”, Kirkus

“Best Children’s Books of 2021 for Middle Grades”, Red Tricycle

"Must-Read” and “Tale for all Ages”, InStyle Magazine

“Purpose-Driven Book for Tweens Hitting All the Right Notes”, PaperCity

“Connects Youth with Authentic Self”, Houston Style Magazine

“Movie-worthy… a modern-day take on Charlotte’s Web”, CultureMap

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