Artwork from The Land of the Pines book
Artwork from The Land of the Pines book



The Land of the Pines

In her debut novel, author Summer Nilsson takes readers on a journey of discovering identity and the gift of empathy. Lush illustrations capture the magic found in the piney woods of Nilsson’s East Texas hometown and bring the cast of creatures vividly to life. The Land of the Pines is a thought-provoking fantasy tale of friendship and fortitude, sure to capture imaginations among all ages.

Grey the Kitten knows that she’s meant to be more than just a barn cat. As she grows up on Black Mountain Farm with her mentor Miss Jay the Bird, she can’t help but feel that her destiny lies somewhere beyond her beloved farm.

But Grey isn’t the only one with ideas about her future. The Black Widow and her guiding Hourglass have big plans for the farm, and Grey could be their key to controlling the whole mountain - and all the animals who reside there. When the Widow traps Grey in a web of promises and threats, will this special kitten give up control over her destiny? Or will she become an example of what’s possible when you have the courage to forge your own path?

Filled with unpredictable twists and turns, The Land of the Pines connects children to the transformative power of kindness and intention, all while reinforcing our universal connection to one another.

Excerpt from Book

“One’s identity is defined by their character.”

“Let it be known that today is a special day, with the flowers in bloom, the butterflies aflutter, and the robins singing their celebratory tune. Today, a beautiful kitten was born in the Jam Barn of Black Mountain Farm,” Mrs. Pine read aloud.

“Wait,” said Mr. Pine. “We need to give this cat a proper name. It is more than just ‘a beautiful kitten.’ We have the chance to set it on the right path. We need to give it an identity.”

Mrs. Pine agreed that the cat needed an actual name. She thought about it. She wanted to give the kitten a name that fit. The name “Grey” seemed powerful. The kitten’s gray fur, with it’s black-and sand-colored stripes, was spectacular. It would likely become known for these special stripes and markings.

“We’ll call the kitten Grey,” Mrs. Pine declared. “It’s a strong name that will open any door. This name will guarantee that other animals will take this cat seriously.” The other trees swayed in agreement. “Now, that covers the name. We can’t confirm anything else.”

The Land of the Pines book cover
The Land of the Pines book cover

“Hoo” is Grey the Kitten? And why is she riding in a cup, on a DEER?

Can Miss Jay the Bird and Biggie the Deer guide Grey through the twists and turns of life? Will the Black Widow’s web of false promises prevent Grey from forging her own path? Who plays the winning card in this masterful game of consequence?

The Land of the Pines marks the beginning of a fantasy-filled children's series destined to become modern, classic tales.

“That was her seat. This journey was her only chance for answers. He smiled as Grey took a deep breath and hopped on for the most important ride of her life.”