An instant classic about the battle for self-worth and the difference between needs and wants.

There is no guarantee that life will be better on ‘the other side’. Even still, we all face moments that force us to choose whether to stay where we are or take a massive leap of faith. These moments move quickly, yet feel eternal, and forever change the course of our lives. Just ask Grey the Kitten.

Grey didn’t know when she leapt through the gate to leave Black Mountain Farm that she’d meet a Labrador that could hear the inner thoughts of other animals. Grey didn’t know that she’d bear witness to a kidnapping, or that her newfound friends would test her loyalty on the Trinity Trails.

Grey had no clue that she was jumping into an epic clash that would alter everyone’s future. Grey didn’t leave her beloved farm and friends behind for these reasons. She left because this was her destiny. Now, Grey must choose whose side she’s really on: the leashes or the strays.

The leashes live at the Argos, a building named after a warrior and his dog. From a poncho-clad Poodle to a rhinestone-born Bengal, the leashes appear to have everything they could ever want. But at the Argos, nothing is what it seems. In stark contrast, the strays belong to a different breed: the “Stray Club”. Members of the “Stray Club” reside across the creek at Camp David. The first rule among the leashes is that you don’t talk to or about the “Stray Club”. Grey’s never been good at following the rules.

Featuring Illustrations by
New York Times Bestselling Illustrator
Nancy Harrison


The Land of the Strays inspires audiences to see beyond stereotypes, engage with empathy, and reconnect as a united front. Grey the Kitten, and her team of “special forces”, embark on a mission to rescue their kidnapped friends. An epic fight between the leashes and the strays ensues. Grey learns that all animals face the same struggle for self-worth. To win, one must own who they are and commit to hearing and seeing others.

This fantasy tale addresses complex topics to combat social media pressures and remind younger generations that the battle for self-esteem is universal, fought by all, and rooted in the power of words. It is the sequel to The Land of the Pines, which was named a “Must-Read” by InStyle Magazine, “A Modern Take on Charlotte’s Web” by CultureMap, and among the “Best Children’s Books of 2021, Middle Grade” by Red Tricycle.

A portion of sales from the Loodor Tales Series, featuring The Land of the Pines and The Land of the Strays, benefits the Medical Fund at Operation Kindness, celebrating over 45 years of saving homeless pets.


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“Ends with the perfect setup for the sequel,” Kirkus

“Winsome tale of fellowship and magic,” Kirkus

“Brimming with action,” Publisher’s Weekly

“Adventures abound,” Foreword Clarion

“Helps Teens with Mental Health, Social Acceptance Issues,” CW33

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Featured by Michael Clinton, former president of Hearst Publications and bestselling author of ROAR


“This dog will solve every problem and search behind every door before he stops to answer the single question that stands in his way," Gamma explained.

“What’s the question?” Beta asked.

“Am I enough?” Gamma stated.

“You think the stars can help him reach that kind of clarity?” Beta questioned.

“Yes, we can,” Gamma said, smiling as she gazed at Polly. “However, we can’t block an animal from an internal battle. That’s the one line we can’t cross. The stars can provide signs and dissolve doubt. We can safeguard the journey and highlight happiness to ensure that joy isn’t taken for granted. But when it’s all said and done, we’re just here to guide the ship. The dog has to win the war.”