Author Summer Nilsson delivered advance copies of The Land of the Pines to Suellen Brown, Director of Development at Dell Children’s.

Dell Children’s is a center of excellence for children’s health with a strong alliance of expert personnel, facilities and other specialty resources.

Dedicated to the care of children and adolescents throughout 46 counties, Dell Children’s believes that no child should be refused healthcare regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.


About Dell Children’s Medical Center: Dell Children’s embraces the belief that a patient’s surroundings can have a profound healing effect on both mind and body.

Before the earliest blueprints, before a single shovelful of dirt was moved, there was a commitment to a visionary design philosophy that embraces the power of art as part of the healing process. That vision is far from a simple subjective notion: Several landmark studies have confirmed a powerful connection between a patient’s physical environment — even something as basic as a room with a view — and a patient’s physical and spiritual well-being.

Today, there are more than 900 paintings, sculptures and other art at Dell Children’s. This collection includes work from renowned artists such as Bolivia’s Graciela Boulanger and George Rhoads from New York City, as well as Texas — and Austin area — artists.

“I am honored to see The Land of the Pines included among the creative tools used to connect and encourage kids.”

- Founder & Author, Summer Nilsson

Venue: Dell Children’s Medical Center
Photography: Dell Children’s Medical Center