Author Summer Nilsson donated signed copies of The Land of the Pines to the Troop Leaders of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. Summer also spoke to their shared interest in developing character, promoting mental health and providing mentorship.

Over the past century, the Girl Scouts have grown to include more than 59 million Girl Scout alumnae.


In the 4th grade, I decided that one day I would write a book. So, I know firsthand that dreams form very early in life. Kids hear if their hopes are attainable. They need support and mentorship to succeed.

It is for this reason that I’ve collaborated with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. I kicked off the collaboration by sharing the message behind The Land of the Pines and donating signed copies to Troop Leaders.

The Girl Scouts of the USA was established in 1912 with the goal of instilling character and confidence in young girls. The Girl Scouts prepare girls for a lifetime of leadership, success and adventure. Girls earn badges, sell cookies and perform community service, all while developing a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, author and aunt to two 13-year-old nieces, these are core values that I share and lessons that I included throughout The Land of the Pines.

I wrote The Land of the Pines for both children and adults. The central theme is based on identity and discovering the power of one’s voice. The Land of the Pines poses the question: “Hoo” are you? This answer is ever-changing, and the question is relevant regardless of age.

Through the Loodor Tales series, I hope to help readers recognize that often the biggest limitation in life is that which we impose on ourselves with a fear of failure. I aim to encourage younger generations to chase their dreams. Just follow Grey the Kitten.

- Summer Nilsson, Founder & Author

Photograph: provided by Girl Scouts of North Texas