The Land of the Pines author Summer Nilsson participated in a packed day of programming with the Girl Scouts at the STEM Center of Excellence.

Loodor was part of an elite roster of brands chosen to lead and mentor girls aged 9-13, including Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, UTD Center for Brainhealth and Verizon.


The Girl Scouts of the USA was established with the goal of instilling character and confidence in young girls.

Each brand played a role in developing activities and leading workshops that taught the importance of mental health and the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Summer led the girls through exercises in affirming their self-worth and storytelling to earn their coveted Scribe badge. To provide inspiration, Summer read chapters from The Land of the Pines and explained the overarching messages of empathy and identity. She then guided the girls through the process of creating their own stories.

“In the last session of the day, one of the girls asked if I wish I had written my first book sooner. I told her I couldn’t have. It took me a long time to learn “hoo” I was. My purpose in being there was to make sure she knew her value and power much earlier in life. Through the Loodor Tales, I am committed to encouraging younger generations to become their best and most authentic selves. I am proud to have participated in such a formative day for the Girl Scouts.”

- Founder & Author, Summer Nilsson

Venue: STEM Center for Excellence
Photograph: provided by Girl Scouts