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Christmas present

I bought this book as a Christmas present for my daughter and her family. She and her husband read to my granddaughter every night and they have 2 cats so this book is perfect for them.

Must Read

This is such a cute read for a pre-teen and on up to an adult. Get your copy today! I bought this for my granddaughter who at the time is only 1, but one day she will be able to read and I will give her the book.

Must read.

Great book for a pre-teen, however I really enjoyed it as an adult. Awesome life lesson for all ages! I highly recommend this book.

Must read for all ages

This book is perfect for tweens, teens and adults. Filled with important lessons for any age, you won't be able to put it down.

Outstanding book for all!

The Land of the Pines is an outstanding book suited for all generations. A delightful book with a perfect description of the land of the pines in east Texas. The characters teach a valuable lesson of kindness and self value.

Definite Read

Loves this heartfelt story of a time and space we can all find joy.

I love it!

Written from the perspective of the forest, voices I had never heard, I just love this book. I will be sharing with friends and family!

Love this book!!

Awesome tale about Grey and her adventures in the land of the pines!

Best book i've read in a while!!!

One of the best books I've read in a long time, speaking to important societal issues our teens are facing today - social pressures and finding their identity. I love the illustrations and characters and how Summer's voice as an author really shines through. Cannot recommend this book enough to all readers!

A Must-Read!

This is the perfect book for all ages it speaks to universal life lessons around identity, compassion, and character. A must-read for any tween or teen, this book is all about identity and being respectful of yourself and others.

A sweet and inspiring story for young readers and adults!

The Land of the Pines is such a fun, inspiring story that young readers and adults alike will enjoy! Such valuable lessons about kindness, friendship and self acceptance are presented in this book, and I loved getting to know Grey the kitten and following along on her adventures. I can't wait for the next books in this series! The illustrations were also so cute! I definitely recommend for young readers and parents!

Love and adore this story and message!

The Land of The Pines is a combo of building blocks for teens mixed with adult humor. Such an important read for the times we are in.

Great story

Well written book with timely lessons for children.

The Perfect Book for Tweens/Teens

This is such a fun book, enjoyable to read while imparting important life lessons. In the crazy times we live in, it's so refreshing to read a novel that focuses on compassion and character, and as the novel says: "One's identity is defined by their character".

This is a must read

What an immensely entertaining read with a colorful cast of characters who take an epic journey all while imparting valuable life lessons along the way. I love this book.

Readers' Favorite

The Land of the Pines by Summer Nilsson is a debut novel about kindness, connection, and friendship. The Buzzy Bark has the important job of reporting the truth, and today it has delivered exciting news. Three kittens have been born! One of the kittens, Grey, knows she has a bigger destiny than being a barn cat. Though she has Miss Jay the Bird as an amazing mentor, she can't help wondering where else her destiny could take her, even if it means leaving the farm. Miss Jay helps her seek out Biggie the deer who knows the land better than anyone else and asks him to guide her on her journey. While she embarks on her search for destiny, the animals catch wind of a potential takeover of the farm. Poor Grey is caught in the middle with a decision to make between forging her own path or becoming a spy against her beloved home. The story has an ensemble of characters interwoven in Grey's life as she embarks on her self-discovery tour to find her true destiny. Summer Nilsson has created layered and dynamic characters with vivid personalities which are used to teach about friendship, purpose, kindness, and destiny. Each of the animals is personified with their habits and activities reflecting the type of animal they are. Each of their stories connects to Grey's but each character faces their own obstacles and has their own agenda and purpose. Every chapter possesses several layers to dissect, such as tidbits about the animals and their motivations. Each chapter creates another notch in Grey's journey. The story contains charming and witty humor with little lessons about the behavior of specific animals subtly woven into the plot, such as Grey coming across an opossum playing possum and meeting a two-faced fox. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and stunning black and white images show you moments along Grey's journey with vivid expressions and attitudes clearly seen in the characters. One debut you don't want to miss, The Land of the Pines is the ideal read for all ages from child to adult with lessons in kindness, friendship, and characters that shine on the page.

Such an inspirational and thought provoking book for anyone.

I was so overwhelmed by the underlying meanings in this book. It was presented in a way that was an easy read! Cant wait for Summers next book.

A must read for all ages, with a beautiful message.

I loved this book. I cannot wait to share it with my nephew and god daughters. This book allows its reader to understand that discovery of self is a path that must be traveled rather than told. Its meaning is so important right now to people of all ages, but especially the young that think they can only be defined by how social media views them. All the characters came to life and had their own tales of how they became who they are. I cant wait to hear about Greys future adventures. Bonus: the illustrations brought to life every animal.

A good read, for any age group

The story mixes the real and the fanciful -- the trees and bees are in the newspaper business. A talented young cat undertakes a journey, a rite of passage in which she confronts fear and temptation, then comes into her own. The plot has a moral spine and the writing is polished. A good, sweet read for all age groups.

Beautifully written book for all ages!

This book is a MUST read for pre-teens, but really for all ages. During the incredibly difficult to navigate time of pre-teen years, this book gives the reader (or listener in my own children's case) life lessons about empowerment and individuality. Told through the lens of animals, the story is authentic and thought-provoking. Grey the kitten has become a staple in our house! Highly recommend!

This is a MUST read for all teenagers and teachers!!

To all of my precious teacher friends and moms of teenagers... I found the PERFECT end of the year, or summer read for your kiddos! This book has all of the feels and takes you back to your teenage years when you were just trying to figure out who you are and how to relate to the world around you! It captures the heart of East Texas, the connections of being from a small town, and the love and loyalty of a true friendship. My heart is full after reading this book in just one sitting. I couldnt put it down once I read the first chapter! You must must read it!! You will LOVE it!! ??

A must read for tweens and up!

Loved everything about this book. It is a story about finding ones identity and is a must read for tweens.

I just finished this book. It is so strong & sweet. Kindness and acceptance of ones self

I absolutely loved this book. I cant wait for my grandson to read. The world we live in needs word to encourage our young people to love themselves and to be kind to everyone. The characters are so loveable.